Children Education

Children Education

This activity has started with the objective of making the children independent of the socioeconomically backward families. This programme was initially started from 1985 in Kharia village with 15 children. It has been then started in the SMVS building as tutorial classes in 2002. By keeping the objective in mind, the education and life-skill activities are planned. More than 1500 children are benefitted through this activity. The participation of parents have also increased up to 77% in the meetings. Because of the constant efforts of the team since long, now the parents are much aware about the importance of education.

Since June 2014, the mobile education project has been started in some of the nearby villages of Jhagadia. There is a mobile van donated for this purpose by one of the members of “Waghbakri tea” and with the help of this van this project has been running successfully in 16 villages of Jhagadia block. The practical education of curriculum of math and science as well as of life skills are provided.

Number of children benefitted under the activity of Children Education (2002-2017)


Tutorial classes


At Village level


At School level (Std 7 Math + Science)


Mobile Van (16 villages)


Moral and life skill education


Number of children benefitted as per socio economic status-2016-17Number of children benefitted as per Gender-2016-17