Garments making

Garment  making program  were  started  in  October  1998  with  12 women.Till now 146 women and girls participated in this programme.  At  present  25-30  women  participate in  this  programme.  Training  for  basic  as  well as  modern  tailoring using  high  speed machineries  is  given  to  women and  girls. They produce school uniforms, boiler suits, factory uniforms  etc. and  cater  to the nearby industries and schools.  Which  has  an  annual turnover  of  about  Rs. 35 lacs in  which women earns  Rs. 7 lacs. About   21 women earn more than Rs.10,000 annually. Moreover families of 5 women   are completely dependent   on them for livelihood .

garment-production garment-income