Story of Wahedaben

This is a story of a small town girl born with big dreams!! Waheda Ben, 43 lived in Kamsoli village ofBaroda district. She was a bright student who wanted to study further but as commonly seen family has been always a hurdle for a girl to study and achieve her dreams.

Things went smoothly until she completed her SSC but after that she was restricted to study further andwas forced to join stitching classes along with her sister. Although not interested in stitching, she did it completed it nicely as it was her father’s wish.

Belonging to a respectful and good family she was married to an equal status family but unfortunatelyher life shattered when the husband didn’t support her in running the family and stopped working. Due to the worldly show-off the expenses were high but negligible income resource.

Things went beyond the limit and finally Waheda ben took a stand and went to Jaghadia at her in-lawsancestral home hearing Sharda Mahila Vikas Societyl’s (SMVS)employment scheme and it was the turning point of her life.

She joined the garment department, started stitching and earned her living.

It has been 6 long years of hardship and efforts at garment department of SMVS which helped her toovercome her problems. She made her children study and nurtured all morals and values which couldmake them capable to face life in true sense. Waheda Ben says, “I always wanted an engineer husband but unfortunately could not get alike. IChallenged my destiny and made my son study electrical engineering.”

Seeing the hardship and sincerity towards work and responsibility finally her husband felt guilty andstarted working as a security guard at Bharuch. Their approximated family income is 6000 from which 3000 is utilised for regular expenses and the remaining is use for their children’s educational cause.

“SMVS “has played an outstanding role in molding my life. I don’t have daughter but I treat all theyoung girls working here as my daughter and motivate them to be self-reliant”, says Waheda Ben.