In 10 years SMVS has spent total Rs. 8 crores. 90 % of it is for economic activities and 10% for educational activities.  Economic programmes are self sustainable.

We get help for Children Education, Awareness Programme for women and adolescents from India and abroad

We have received generous Help from:

  1.  Share & Care Foundation, USA
  2. Indian for Collecting Action, USA
  3. Child Reach International, London, UK
  4. Indian Development Service, USA
  5. Dr. Shakuntala & Dr. Mahendra Patel, USA
  6. Shri  Ushaben Mahendrabhai Patel, USA
  7. SEWA Rural, Jhagadia, India
  8. Sharada Mahila Mandal, Jhagadia, India
  9. GALAXY, India
  10. And many more……..

Production of Papad has increased from 850kg to 68,237kg.