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Inspired By Life & Teaching of Ma Sharda


Since the year 2002, Sharda Mahila Vikas Society(SMVS) an NGO in Bharuch has been working towards the development of women, youth and children in the rural, tribal area of Jhagadia and nearby villages of South Gujarat through a variety of programmes. These activities were initially started in 1985 by SEWA Rural. Subsequently, SMVS was established as an independent body for the development & empowerment of women by women’s active involvement with approach conducive to their growth with the support of SEWA Rural.


To help women realise their latent potential and to empower them.

Empowerment of adolescent girls and boys

Children's Education and Development

Healthy Family Life

Active Contribution of Women in social development

Vocational Training


Unfolding women’s inherent potential and expanding “the spirit of motherhood” for the larger cause by organizing the women and their groups.


All women and adolescents, irrespective of caste, creed and economic status: for various programmes of awareness, empowerment, education, health etc.

Women of economically poor and socially deprived strata for economic activities and informal saving and credit programmes.

Children of economically and socially deprived families for educational activities.

Order our products and help rural women to become self reliant.