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Snacks Making

Snacks Making


Our Snacks Department crafts a diverse range of snacks.. From savory to sweet, every snack is a testament to their skill and dedication. Under this programme 46 women have produced snacks worth Rs. 103.50 lakhs which in turn gave them income of Rs. 21.80 lakhs since the year 2002. Since last few years they are providing “Sukhdi”, “Shiro(halwa)” and “mukhvas” to pregnant and delivered mothers coming to SEWA Rural hospital. Moreover preparing various snacks items like ” Masala Puri”, “Sev”, “Chakri”, “Bhakharvadi”, ” Methi Shakkarpara”, ” Thapda” , “Ghughra”, “Mathiya”, “Chorafali”, “Thepla”, “Sukhdi” as per orders.

By savoring these snacks, you’re savoring stories of empowerment, as each bite supports these women on their journey to empowerment.

Snacks Production (Rs. in Lakhs)

Snacks Participant's Income (Rs. in Lakhs)