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Garments Making

Garments Making

This empowerment program involved women with limited experience in stitching and provided them with training to enhance their skills, specifically in using high-speed machines and producing male uniforms. As a result of their training, these women were able to work on modern machines for stitching, buttoning, and producing various types of uniforms, such as those for industrial workers, boiler suits, school uniforms as well essential apparel such as aprons, caps, boiler suits, shirts, pants, t-shirts etc. Moreover, products like Adolescents Menstrual Hygiene kits, baby kits, pillow covers, cloth bags, masks, PPE Kits, cotton water filter, and paper caps are crafted. 

This program empower tribal and rural women to achieve self-sufficiency, dignity, and family development. The program’s impact is evident in the financial results achieved. In the garment department alone, until 2023, around 285 women have collectively produced garments worth Rs. 112.5 lakhs and earned a total income of Rs 29.3 Lakhs.

Garment Production (Rs. in Lakhs)

Garment Participant's Income (Rs. in Lakhs)