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A widow’s inspirational journey embracing role of father and mother

Tile woman


I am Neeta, a 30-year-old woman with a 6-year-old daughter. I completed my education up to B.Com and also gained knowledge in Montessori teaching and computer skills. At the age of 22, I got married, and our family was filled with joy. On a sunny day during Dhuleti, we went to the banks of the Narmada river as a family to enjoy the water and have fun. While playing with my daughter and family in the water, a sudden tragedy struck when my husband was pulled into the depths of the Narmada river.

For a few days, I felt overwhelmed and found it difficult to gather the strength to contemplate the next steps in my life. But eventually, I accepted the situation that had been thrust upon me. My family members were familiar with the work of the Sharda Mahila Vikas Society organization, and I had also heard about the numerous opportunities it provided for women to progress. I was fortunate to receive an opportunity to work in this organization. I secured a job as a teaching sister in the tutorial department of the institute.

Previously, I had never ventured out alone. However, when I joined this institution, I had to travel to Dharampur for training with another colleague. Both of us embarked on this journey, exploring a place we had never seen before. We traveled on the train, learned many new things, and returned with a sense of accomplishment. Now, my daughter is studying in an English medium school in Bharuch, thanks to the support of her mother. I am willing to invest around 50 rupees in her education. I can now choose the jewelry and clothes I like, and I have the confidence to go out alone for work or any other errands.