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Inspiring the Next Generation: A Former Student’s Encouragement for Children

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Vandanaben Narendrabhai Warde

Vandanaben Narendrabhai Warde was a former student who attended tutorial classes in Shanti Nagri Paliyama, Zagdia, starting from class 1. Initially, she was very quiet and shy, preferring to sit in one place and not engage with others or participate in activities. However, she was extremely regular in attending classes and followed instructions diligently, which earned her the encouragement and support of all her teachers.

Over time, Vandanaben began to open up and actively participate in class and various activities. Winning a prize in a competition further boosted her confidence and fueled her enthusiasm. She continued attending tutorial classes until class 8. Even after that, whenever she needed assistance with her studies, the tutorial teachers were always there to help her.

After completing class 12, Vandanaben joined college. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the college was closed, and online education became the norm. During this period, she successfully passed the LRD examination of the Law Enforcement Corps. She then started working as a home guard while continuing her college studies.

Vandanaben’s role as a home guard involved working in public places and interacting with numerous people. When the tutorial center saw her wearing the home guard uniform and heard her talk about her enthusiasm for the job, they were delighted. They reached out to Vandanaben to discuss how she could inspire and encourage the children attending the tutorial classes.
Vandanaben’s journey from a quiet and shy student to a confident and proactive individual serves as an inspiration to the children, motivating them to overcome their own challenges and strive for success.