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Journey of The Transformation of a Tribal Woman

Tile woman

Ilaben Arjunbhai Vasava

Ilaben Arjunbhai Vasava a 33-year-old married woman with a quiet nature and a class-2 education doesn’t talk much. She has joined the garment department on July 3, 2020, to learn sewing. However, she had no prior experience or skills in sewing or operating machines. Her husband is employed at a spectacle shop in SEWA Rural, and having one small child. To assist Ilaben in acquiring new skills, Dr. Gayatriben Desai, a trustee of SEWA Rural, made a suggestion.

Under Dr. Gayatriben’s guidance, Ilaben embarked on machine training for garment sewing. Initially, they focused on producing gowns for hospital doctors. As her proficiency improved, she gradually learned to sew different parts of a kurta. Starting with a single part, she can now sew 3-4 parts. Additionally, she has developed expertise in finishing work. In her first month, she earned Rs 2,129, and her monthly earning potential has now increased to Rs 5,000.

During a period when there was a shortage of kurta sewing work, Ilaben utilized the opportunity to learn how to make shirts. Presently, she is capable of producing four shirts per day and has also gained confidence in her communication skills.