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Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Every Task: Seeing Work as Worship to God

Tile woman


I am Bhavika, an engineer by profession. After completing my studies, my parents arranged a good marriage for me. However, my troubles began after marriage. Despite my husband’s education and good job, he lacked communication skills and would be little me even in trivial matters. He showed no respect for my opinions or achievements, which left me deeply saddened. Despite this, I chose to maintain my dignity and endure the situation.

After some time, I became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child. However, my husband’s disrespectful behavior continued throughout this period as well. It was emotionally draining. I made up my mind and informed my parents that I no longer wished to live with my in-laws. Eventually, my husband himself insisted that I return home, considering our son’s best interests. Taking my son into consideration, I decided to return to my husband’s house, although I had firmly resolved to sever ties with my in-laws.

Being an engineer, I had the ability to teach mathematics and science to children. Consequently, I was appointed as a teacher in the Sharda Mahila Vikas Society, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I found immense joy in teaching children, and the supportive environment of the organization had a significant impact on me. Through regular meetings, camps, readings, and discussions, I learned and grew. I even acquired new skills such as computer proficiency and two-wheeler riding. In other words, I approach both small and significant tasks as acts of worship to God.