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The Unmatched Virtue: Tolerance as a Powerful Force

Tile woman

Sarla Vasava

I am Sarla Vasava, born in a small village in the Tapi district. After marriage, I moved to Jhagadia to join my in-laws. For the past eight years, I have been working with SEWA Rural Induced Sharda Mahila Vikas Society in Jhagadia. During the annual celebration of Ma Sharda’s birth anniversary, an event held at our institute, her message resonated deeply within me: “There is no other virtue like tolerance, there is no other power like it.”

Prior to my marriage, I received sewing training at a mission institute in Bharuch district and excelled in the government technical examination, securing the top rank. Recognizing my skills, my sewing class teacher offered me a job as a sewing training teacher, where I trained around 150 sisters. Encouraged by my teacher in Bharuch, who spoke highly of the work being done in Jhagadia SEWA Rural, I decided to pursue opportunities there. Thanks to my experience and qualifications, I was able to secure a job in Jhagadia.

However, my family life took a difficult turn, leading to numerous challenges and even the possibility of divorce. The situation became incredibly challenging to endure. Remembering the teachings of tolerance and strength from Sharada Mahila Vikas Society, I learned to persevere amidst the harassment from my father-in-law and to let go of past grievances. I chose to stand by my husband and child, leaving behind the struggles we faced. Today, we live happily as a united family, and I attribute this achievement largely to the support and guidance provided by Sharada Mahila Vikas Society. Without the influence of Sharada Mahila Vikas Society, I cannot imagine having the loving family I have today. The society’s ideas also helped me build my own house, fostering a sense of stability.