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Embracing Support and Cooperation: Finding Warmth in Togetherness

Tile woman


I am Najma and I was born and raised in Jhagadia. Besides my immediate family, consisting of my husband, our two children, and me, we live in a joint family setup. For many years, my husband has been employed at SEWA Rural. Unfortunately, our family’s financial situation is not favorable. I believed that if I could undertake a significant endeavor, it would help improve our income.

My husband encouraged me to work in the garment department, but I was hesitant due to my lack of sewing skills. Nevertheless, he assured me that our family would support me both at work and at home. I made up my mind to put in extra effort and endure the challenges of learning new things, including sewing. When I first joined the Garment department, I was completely inexperienced. However, with the assistance of my family members, my fellow sisters working in the garment department, and other helpful individuals, I gradually honed my skills. I learned various tasks such as buttoning, garment pressing, chic printing, packing, and even taking orders over the phone and relaying the details to the supervisor. Over time, I became proficient in many tasks and performed them with ease.

An opportunity arose for me to share my journey of growth at a women’s convention organized by Gram Seva Trust, an organization in Kharel that operates similarly to ours. As I confidently and clearly presented my speech, the audience applauded, which further strengthened my resolve. Throughout my transformation and progress, I have been fortunate to receive unwavering support and warmth from my family. It is their encouragement that keeps the wheels of our household moving smoothly, and consequently, our world remains balanced.