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Empowerment’s Impact

Tile woman


Sejalben hailing from Nana Sanjha village, was a trainee in the third batch of our beauty parlor course. When the lockdown halted other sources of household income, she took the initiative to establish “Kavya Beauty Parlour” at her own home. Initially, the venture started on a small scale, but it has now flourished into a thriving business.

Sejalben’s beauty parlor has gained recognition and started receiving orders for various services, particularly catering to the needs of sisters preparing for the wedding season. This responsibility was typically entrusted to well-established beauty parlors, highlighting the significant role Sejalben’s enterprise plays. By empowering a tribal girl and equipping her with new skills, we contribute to her personal growth and upliftment , thereby advancing her household’s progress.

Through this endeavor, we recognize the importance of providing opportunities for individuals to learn and excel, irrespective of their background, and appreciate the transformative impact it can have on their lives.