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Nurturing a Father’s Love: A Mother’s Dedication to Her Children’s Well-being

Tile woman


My name is Bhanuben, and I vividly remember the time when I entered my father-in-law’s house, filled with hope and excitement. Our small family consisted of my husband, our two sons, and our daughter. The children were young, and I had lost my father, which placed the responsibility of managing the household and raising the children solely on my shoulders. Although those days are now in the past, they are not forgotten.

To generate some income, I started weaving papad. However, this led to people passing judgment and making comments. Despite the opinions of others, I managed to secure a part-time job at the court, which made it challenging to continue weaving papad. Nevertheless, I always felt a deep connection with the institution and remained part of the savings group. Whenever I had spare time, I would weave papad to earn some extra income. With the support of the savings group, I managed to sustain my household and provide for my children. I take great pride and joy in accomplishing all of this through my hard work and determination.

Now, let’s talk about my children. Despite being alone, I worked tirelessly to educate and support them. Both of my sons completed their ITI (Industrial Training Institute), with one specializing in mechanical engineering and the other in CNC course. They are now employed in Bane Industries, utilizing their skills.

I want to share the story of my daughter, who has always been diligent in her studies. She showed a keen interest in education and worked tirelessly to excel. She pursued her studies in college, which drew both appreciation and criticism from family members and villagers. People questioned why I was investing in my daughter’s education when, according to them, there was no future for an educated girl. However, I never lost hope. My daughter successfully completed her B.Com degree and then pursued a one-year computer course. Following that, she secured employment in data entry work at the Taluka Panchayat office in Jhagadia. In a few months, she will be getting married to a well-educated and employed young man from a nearby industry.

Despite facing criticism and taunts from relatives, I never allowed my children to suffer the absence of their father. Through my unwavering hard work and courage, I ensured that they received a proper education and the opportunities they deserved.