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Sister’s Financial Support: Nurturing Motherhood

Tile woman

Bhartiben Parmar

I Bhartiben Parmar have completed my studies up to the 12th grade. After being married for two years, my husband Dharmendrabhai had to leave his job as a teacher due to illness. Despite our best efforts, he couldn’t find employment anywhere. Our circumstances worsened, facing abuse and non-cooperation instead of the help, warmth, and support we needed for his medical treatment. It was a challenging time in our lives.

To support my family, I started sewing sarees. During this time, Ramila Ben and Hansaben, like mother figures to me, used to attend sewing classes. They informed me about the sewing classes, and my husband allowed me to join them. With the help of the sewing class teachers, I enrolled in the sewing program, and it brought immense relief to my life. It felt like a fresh start.

After completing the sewing classes, I got an opportunity to work in the garment industry, considering my circumstances. Additionally, I also had the chance to provide training at a sewing training center. The women of Sharda Mahila Vikas Society supported me by providing work opportunities. During those challenging times, my husband’s health deteriorated, and we didn’t have enough money to take him to the hospital. However, with the income I earned from working in the garment industry and the support of sisters like Ramilaben and Hansaben, we managed to afford his medical treatment and take him to the hospital.

Fortunately, my husband’s health improved after receiving the necessary medical care. Subsequently, my husband secured a job at Mandva Gayatri School with the help of Patel Jinal, an associate sister of the garment industry. He is currently employed at Gayatri School. The staff members and sisters at the school were willing to help me take my husband to the hospital, and they constantly reassured me of their support, including financial assistance if needed. I am deeply grateful to the organization, the staff members, and the associate sisters for their help.

Despite five years of marriage, we were unable to conceive. However, using the income earned from my work in the garment industry, I sought treatment for myself and created my own medicine. Today, I am happy to announce that I am pregnant. This brings immense joy to my life. I attribute all the happiness I have found to this institution. When individuals join this institution, their attitudes change, and they find support and cooperation from others. Everyone here lends a helping hand and supports one another.