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Empowered by Sewing: Less Educated Daughters Rise as Family Role Models

Tile woman


My name is Bhavika. Due to the circumstances at home, I could only pursue my studies until the 7th standard. In such a situation, finding a job seemed challenging. Many of us received training through government-sponsored classes, but it didn’t lead to any significant opportunities. However, I underwent retraining at Sharda Mahila Vikas Society, and it has been a valuable support for both my mother and in-laws.

Speaking of my family, there are six of us. My elder sister is married, and I am the middle child, with a younger brother and sister who are still studying. I used to take care of household chores and often worried about how I could contribute to my family. I also felt responsible for my younger siblings. Then, an opportunity came my way when I secured a job in the garment department operated by Sharda Mahila Vikas Society. Although I had basic sewing skills, using high-speed sewing machines in the society was a new experience for me. However, I quickly learned to create dresses, hats, shirts, blazers, suits, and more. Sewing pants initially felt challenging and monotonous, but the institute provided me with training in this area as well. With practice, my skills improved, and I found satisfaction in my work. I was delighted to see that the finishing of my stitches was also excellent. I would arrive at work on time every morning because the more I worked, the more I could earn.

I joined a savings group and saved a portion of my monthly earnings. The remaining money was given to my mother at home. I felt immense happiness and pride in earning Rs 5,000 per month and contributing it to my family. I knew that my income would cease after my marriage, so I spoke to the garment department about providing employment for my younger sister, and it was approved. I even gave my parents Rs 10,000 from my savings for my wedding expenses, which eased the burden of those costs. My younger sister, Divya, who had only studied up to the 9th class, also learned all the necessary skills there. For the past few years, she has been sewing pants and has become a blessing to many households, earning anywhere from a quarter to one and a half lakh rupees annually. Our sewing class training has empowered a total of 567 daughters and sisters who have now become valuable members of their respective families.