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Nurturing Growth: Empowering Sisters to Flourish

Tile woman

Nimishaben Nathubhai Vasava

Nimishaben Nathubhai Vasava, an unmarried woman of 21 years, has a 10th grade education. She joined the garment department of Sharada Mahila Vikas Society in April 2021. Nimishaben has a calm nature and hails from Mulad village. However, she faces challenges in speaking and hearing. She had some basic knowledge of sewing before joining the society.

Nimishaben started working on sewing kurtas, gradually learning and mastering 2-3 parts of the process. She also received training on high-speed machines and improved her operational speed over time. Currently, she is able to earn around Rs 3000 per month.

Unfortunately, the work on kurtas suddenly stopped for two months, leaving the question of how to provide employment to all the sisters. There were 13 sisters involved in the kurta work, and some of them took the opportunity to learn sewing other garments such as robes, nappies, shirts, aprons, boiler suits, pyjamas, and more. This enabled them to find employment gradually.

Nimishaben also learned how to sew these various garments. Currently, she is doing well with sewing shirts and boiler suits, and she enjoys this work. Despite the difficulties faced, the associate sisters are managing well with the support of the staff, which brings joy to everyone involved.